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Vishwasa / Zines

We at Vishwasa work on putting out Zines on informative and relevant topics related to Mental Health. Find below our Zine editions that our team has worked hard to put together!

A Mental Health Directory

November 17, 2021

As we continue to sensitize ourselves and everyone around us to the concept of mental health and promote dialogue around it, it is important to understand, support, and respect the very people that are fighting these mental battles. The fifth edition of our zine is a collection of mental health terminology that highlights the wrongs and the rights when talking about mental health – a step towards sparking more meaningful conversations.

Read our fifth zine by pressing on the link below!

Issue 5: Mental Health Directory

A Zine on Mental Health Through The Generations

August 7, 2021

Mental health is an idea that hasn’t always been as widespread as it is now. From coping mechanisms to general attitudes towards mental illnesses, a lot has changed over generations. In the fourth edition of our zine, we discuss this and much more – hoping to show just how greatly mental health has evolved over time; and how much it will hopefully continue to.

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Issue 4: Mental Health Through the Ages

A Zine on Mental Health Glorification

June 7, 2021

The third edition of our Zine revolves around the glorification of mental illnesses in the media. From the harmful effects of idealizing what are in reality genuine mental struggles, to healthy discussions about why it is so important to normalize accurate portrayal, we hope to raise awareness on a problem that has constantly been overlooked.

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Issue 3: Mental Health Glorification

A Zine on Anxiety

March 6, 2021

Constant paranoia, unstoppable thoughts, and excessive worry: only a handful of what one might go through when facing anxiety. The second edition of our zine highlights the seriousness of the problem – which remains much more than a baseless excuse for appearingly irrational behavior – and sheds some much needed light on the disorder as well as the recovery to pave a path towards a more welcoming future.

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Issue 2: Anxiety

A Zine on Depression

January 4, 2021

Depression. It’s a term that’s often thrown around nonchalantly, but the truth of the matter lies in the fact that it’s a very real, very consequential disorder that affects more people than is realized. In the first issue of our zine, we bring to you a collection of material that encompasses the heart of this problem – and ways to heal – because you, and anyone else experiencing it, can come out of this stronger!

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Issue 1: Depression