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About Vishwasa

Our Success Story

2020: We’ve conducted four life skill sessions with 80 students of grade 8 and 9, and have conducted 4 mental health sessions – two with the teachers, and two with the students. We’ve also gotten permission to conduct sessions in 4 more government schools and orphanages. We’ve got support from T. Prabhakar Rao, the IG for Intelligence of Police in Telangana.

Initially, we faced a lot of hurdles on the way from having to pivot our project multiple times and going to multiple psychologists until we found someone as interested as we were in this initiative. We didn’t want to give up on our vision of helping these children gain access to mental health support, and we certainly didn’t want them to lose out on any opportunities.

The amount of eagerness we have seen really motivated us to spread this project to as many kids as we could all over Hyderabad. The key to every successful initiative is sustainability, and with the help of our volunteers, support of our school, and a long-term agreement with an NGO, we are all set to go! The smile on their faces is what encourages us to keep going no matter how many other commitments we have.

2021: Now, due to the Pandemic, we have shifted to an online model with the same schools. We are creating video modules on topics that pertain to these students on life skills and mental health with the help of animations and videos. We are still partnered with the same NGO and have grown to a team of 70 committed volunteers. We are now, as of 2021, sending videos to 10 schools all over Hyderabad.

Website Building & Funding Support

The base to all of the resources, counsellors and people we’ll be reaching out to would be firstly, funds. We have successfully reached our goal of collected 1.75 lakhs through crowdfunding and CSR in under 3 weeks with the help of Rythmos, a software company. We have given two presentations in two offices of Rythmos which had helped speed up our crowdfunding goal.

Secondly, to reach a wide audience of people, we needed a proper place to showcase our progress to everyone easily. Hence, we started to look out for people who would help sponsor our website. Rythmos, the same company listed above, has also helped us set up our domain online. They have helped design our website thoroughly and are looking after the site maintenance and domain costs too.

Professional Mental Health Support

Mano Jagrithi is a non-profit organization (NGO) with a vision to spread mental health awareness and prevention of mental health issues. Mano Jagrithi is a group of professionally established counsellors with the vision to spread mental health awareness and prevention of mental health issues, for building of a healthy nation, with a value system since 20 years.

Dr Geetha Challa- Founder/Director of Mano Jagrithi.

Dr. Geetha Challa is a Counseling Psychologist, Personality Development Trainer, Gerontologist, Social Worker and Early Childhood Education Specialist. With a PhD in Human Development, M.Sc. in Child Development, MA, MSW and training in Cognitive Behavior Therapy.  She held important positions in Government and Non-Governmental organizations. She has been awarded with the MAHILA RATNA – Ugadi Prathibha Puraskaram, International Student Legacy Travel Award from Canada, Academic Excellence Award from ANGRAU. She has varied skills and expertise in the area of counseling, pre-primary education and parent counseling, developmental assessment (below 6 years), psychological assessment, learning problems (writing/reading) and ADHD. She is the founder of Challa’s HRD, Mano Jagrithi, and Sudisha which renders services to needy people, especially in Telangana Social welfare schools and is helps the SHE teams in the Telangana Police Department.