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Become a Volunteer

Vishwasa cannot run without their volunteers; They provide us with a strong base who allow us to grow and impact many more lives. Vishwasa is currently taking in more like-minded individuals who are passionate about the cause of mental health, to grow their team and expand to more schools.

Below are the descriptions for the different teams you can work in.


The Mental Health group works to make videos for government school children on topics that are relatable to them. For each video we primarily focus on one subtopic that would be relatable to the children, for example, loneliness, pressure, social anxiety, etc. We rarely use the technical terms, rather explain what these emotions could be and how to overcome them. Since the videos are being shown to children, we make sure that the content is easy to comprehend and implement further. Due to the pandemic, we believe this is the best way to keep underprivileged chilren mentally healthy.

Mental Health Content Team

Mental Health Logistics Team

The Social Media group works on the content and design that will be put out on our Instagram and website, as of now. While we work with children separately through other means, the social media group plays an important role by raising awareness on different topics related to mental health.We believe raising awareness will impact our society in one way or another, and after looking at the content put out by us, it could change someone’s mind on how they view the topic of mental health.

Social Media Content Team

Social Media Design Team

Apart from the 4 main teams, here are 3 positions listed below the teams you could apply for if you’re interested in helping out but cannot commit fully to a team due to time constraints.

Video Editor: To help make animations using simple animation tools such as Vyond and Animaker & to make videos for Vishwasa in general.

Translator: To translate the content from English to Telugu.

Voice Overs: To speak over the animations in Telugu/English with the help of a given script.

Applications are closed right now.

Mail us at for any further queries. We open applications in December, April and August.