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Who are we?

An organization aiming to teach life skills, offer mental health attention to the underprivileged and raise mental health awareness simultaneously

We teach them life skills. Using help from renowned sources such as WHO, Peace Corps and World Economic Forum, we were able to compile a module with a plan of the basic life skills these kids need to at least be able to lead a confident life. We work on several skills like communication, gender roles and relationship skills. This prepares young people for changing social circumstances, helps them establish their personal identity. Lack of these skills prevent them from effectively exploring their potential and establishing a positive image and sound career aspect. Life skills lay a basic foundation for learning skills that are in great demand in today’s learning job. We do this through video modules due to the COVID-19 pandemic where volunteers prepare animations with voiceovers to make these learnings more interactive.

Mental Healthcare at a young age is imperative for the successful emotional development of a child. We are creating video modules under the guidance of Manojagriti (Dr. Geetha Challa) while using voice overs and animations to help these children understand how to take care of themselves and help these children understand what Mental Healthcare is. Mental Healthcare isn’t just for those who are “sad” but it is indeed extremely important to a child’s wellbeing – regardless of their economic background – which is why we at Vishwasa have chosen to prepare modules for these children.

We realized that apart from actually creating impact on underprivileged children, there is a deep rooted stigma that exists in our society also, within people that do have access to basic needs and have access to social media. As we have been given a platform to express what we stand for, we want to raise mental health awareness on several platforms such as Instagram, Youtube and this website itself!

With a handful of volunteers, we’ve been taking up different sorts of projects. Even though these don’t necessarily align to our goal of mental health, with this platform given to us to help people, we realized that we are open to carry out any sort of short -term campaigns. One such opportunity we’ve taken up was to raise money during the pandemic to feed those in need. We raised over 15 lakhs and were able to provide 60, 000 meals!

Our Success Story

Our journey started in 2019, before the pandemic, where we conducted four life skill sessions with 80 students of grade 8 and 9, and have conducted 4 mental health sessions – two with the teachers, and two with the students. All of this happened in a span of 3 months and soon Vishwasa was selected to be presented at the 1M1B Activate Impact Summit in the UN Headquarters. This video shows our initial part of the journey and our idea formation.

Support We’ve Received

Your cooperation is highly appreciated!

Mano Jagrithi

Mano Jagrithi is a Non Profit organisation( NGO) with a vision to spread mental health awareness and prevention of mental health issues. Mano Jagrithi is a group of professionally established counsellors with the vision to spread mental health awareness and prevention of mental health issues, for building of a healthy nation, with a value system since 20 years.


Vishwasa's story has been featured in a few newspapers such as Telangana Today, Hans India, ANI, Times of India, Yahoo News and Deccan Herald. We have also caught the attention of many politicians, one being ex-AP CM Chandrababu Naidu. This news coverage has helped quite a lot of people reach out to us to help us which essentially helps us reach our end goal faster!


Vishwasa has been helped by Rythmos, a software company, to attain funding and development of our website. Rythmos has sponsored the development and maintenance of this website. We have also gotten an opportunity to give 2 presentations for funding.

Awesome Idea of execution, I really loved it..Please never stop this act of kindness..

Durgadas Magar

This is truly above and beyond.

Venkat Goud

Great work, Vishwasa is really helpful for poor kids and for their future.

Swathi Reddy

Good Job guyss..:)

Sharvaree Mohanti

I really appreciate your efforts!!

Vandana Ahire

The great act of kindness..

Pari Rao

Thanks for taking such a wonderful initiative..

Archana Nikam

Nice Work!! Keep up the good work!

Jyothi kolla

All are creative minds !! Outstanding work..!

Viraj Sharma